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How my 3 Step Online Method works

About Ivica

Ivica is a tango teacher, international tango DJ and event organizer

Why I want to help you.

For years I have been traveling and visiting international events and local milongas as a dancer, DJ or tango instructor. You will be surprised how often just a small change can make big difference, either in the individual dancer, in the DJ-ing approach or in the way the events are organized.

Therefore, I decided to offer my knowledge, my ideas, DJ-ing and organizing experience to everyone that will find it useful. Maybe it is too humble, but if I help at least one dancer, my work here is not in vain. By helping individuals, I am helping the global tango community as well.

"When you dance tango you must give everything. If you can't do that do not dance. - Ricardo Vidort"

The art of becoming Argentinian

There are tons of dancers with perfect technique, but what makes a dancer special is the ability to express the culture behind the tango. To dance tango, you have to be able to unite the Argentine sensibility from the Golden Age, with the modern ways.

Everything we do in tango has its reasons. The difference between average and special dancers is in knowing those reasons.

Here's why you'll love my Program

Clear Ideas

If it is not clear in your head it can never be good in your movements. You will get clear instructions with detailed explanation why and how you should do it.

Budget Friendly

Tango classes can be very expencive. You will find my program afordable and helpfull when you have to decide what is the next expencive workshop you need.

Learn Everywhere

Your geographical location is not an obstacle. My program can be great addition to regular classes and it works even if you do not have a local teacher.

100% Success

The program goes with success guarantee. I will motivate you to work smarter, not harder. You will learn why the failures occur and how to avoid it.

"Ivica is a great tango DJ. His unmistakable selection of tandas is both inspiring and knowledgeable. He would be very welcomed to play music on milongas here in Buenos Aires anytime."

- Ricardo Viqueira

Without their help this was imposible

I couldn't do this alone. Here are some of the awesome people that helped me put this site together. Thanks guys, your photos are giving life to this site!

Here is how you can support my work

Share the site

You can show your appreciation also by sharing this website with your tango friends, so they can get useful tips. Spread the word, talk to people about the things you learned here - this can help me get my message out there faster.

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This site exists from your support. You can tip me the way you tip your waiter. €2, €5 or €10 (or any other amount) - whatever you feel is the value you've got from the contents of my site. You can make your donations by clicking the button Donate bellow - it is very simple and completely safe.

Mentoring for DJs

Achieve louder applause after La Cumparsita and more respect from your colleagues DJs. Either you are a beginner or a DJ with somewhat experience I can help you with my knowledge and experience.

What will you learn?

  • From zero to amazing DJ
  • Organize your music collection
  • Your first DJ set
  • Control the mood of the milonga
  • Becoming a cortina master
  • Geting your DJ-ing to the next level
  • and much more...
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Mentoring for Teachers

Become an inspiring teacher that gives the students exactly what they need. You are just a dancer with a dream to become a teacher? You already teach, but you want to improve your teaching skills? My insights and experience can help you become a real tango guru.

What will you learn?

  • Find new students
  • Organize your school
  • The fine art of apprenticeship
  • Transmitting the knowledge
  • Planing your classes
  • and much more...
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Mentoring for Organizers

Create local milongas or international events that people enjoy coming to. No matter if you are just starting your first milonga in a small tango community, or planing a big international event: I can guide you through the process of organizing a successful tango event.

What will you learn?

  • The basic elements of a milonga
  • Finding an appropriate venues
  • Communication with your crowd
  • How to make them come back?
  • Mastering the dynamics of the space
  • and much more...
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Tips from my blog

Phases of the tango dancer’s development

Many times I hear comments that it is harder for the male tango dancer or that women have more complicated journey; in fact the tango dancer’s development is not a straight line and both of those viewpoints are right and wrong in the same time. Male or female dancers, have their difficulties along the way […]

Tango travelers guide

(This article first appeared in ‘Gancho’, december 2016 – this is just a reprint for the readers of Tango Mentor) As we say goodbye to the old year our eyes look towards the next one and we try to figure out what tango events should we put on our calendar. I mean, we all wish […]

The mathematics of the dance

The mathematics of the dance is a way to understand how do you use your dancing repertoire and what is the value of the steps in your vocabulary. Have you ever tough about how much steps you learned since you started dancing tango? Did you calculated how much of that knowledge you actually use when […]

Four ways to improve your musicality

No matter what do you dance, part of learning goals is to improve your musicality. In tango this is specially important because it has very complex way of expressing the music, which, by the way, can be very complex itself. Tango music does not have percussions or rhythm section, dancers do not dance to the […]